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Blog Date: March 2, 2024

Funky Coding and Teamwork

Holy shit when I tell you the coding I'm doing for this thing is hard, I mean it.

I've been pulling out alot of my sanity just for some stupid Quality of Life Features.

I just wanted the fuckin Chart Editor to look cool right?

Nope, had to be sooooo much pain, and in the end I ended up making it on my own
because I was trying to steal the code from Sonic Legacy
But they use Psych 5.2h or something

If I could do github commits like I used too I would probably be at 50-90 or something right now.

Now that I'm done ranting, teaser time!

I got a few little teasers for yall.

content not final, and content made with sanity and blood

This blog was supposed to come out earlier, but I kept forgetting about it to work on the mod.

I got Djotta Flow to help with the mod so now I got a free artist/animator.

I kept thinking of things I can do, small little things, with the new gradient I'm thinking of each song having its own gradient based on the opponent, but that legit doesn't have to be in the song file, it can just be the default.

This is a project im really motivated for so I'm working my ass off to get it how I want, for all I know it ends up cancelled, ends up rushed, ends up forgotten, but I do not want that, I want this to be the best FNF Mod I've made ever. And if that means I have to work on it until FNF dies, so be it. I will be motivated.

For today the Creation Art I will pick will be this Art by PAUL LEPS, once again from last year but Art is art, and I'm low on good artworks in my discord

TLDR: im working really hard, grabbing team members, losing sanity probably, and i got some funky teasers

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