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Blog Date: March 1, 2024

March Teaser

On Febuary 28, I posted a little teaser for the next FNF mod, in the 2 days that have passed since then I learned a bit more about the software I used:

JummBox, JummBox is the software I used to make the teaser, its a modification of Beepbox (the software I normally would use for music production),

its better in many ways, but the main thing I was looking for was the ability to Change the Tempo Mid-Song, it's a VERY useful feature and I'm glad its there, though there are other modifications that one was the main one that got me hooked.

Now since I have improved it's best to delay no longer, the March Teaser, of my mega fnf mod that yall wont know the name of for a while.

If it isn't already, the video should be public March 3th, because 2 different audiences are here, and its free content on Sunday where I will have school the next day (curses.....)

For today the Creation Art I will pick will be this Trace by WADE/SKETCH, its a remix of something already good. When is the Full Version tho?

TLDR: new fnf mod teaser!!!!


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